Construction Equipment

Special Products & Technologies has manufactured constuction equipment for the building industry since early 2004. We have supplied some of the leading construction companies such as Grinaker, SteffStocks, Faircape, Megamix, PPC, La Farge etc.

Equipment is load tested on request with certified documentation provided to the client on delivery of order. The materials used is generally mild steel 3 - 5mm and solid bar or plate, which is powder coated to a colour of choice. Gears, wheels and hinges are all manufactured inhouse.

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Brick Cages


Brick Cage

Concrete Banana Buckets


Concrete Banana Bucket

Waste Tip Bucket


Waste Tip Bucket

100tonne Cement Silos


100tonne Cement Silos - Megamix

.500m3 Bottom Discharge Buckets


.500m3 Bottom Discharge Concrete Buckets

Silo Lifting Mechanism for Trucks


Silo Lifting Truck

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