Special Products & Technologies has manfuctured a variety of kiosks from touch screen kiosk to keyboard operated, for a variety of industries. These kiosks have been built with the latest state of the art technology and reporting systems. Special Products & Technologies is not limited to a singular design and management options, and have been responsible for a variety of stages through the manufacture, development and integration of the touch screen systems.

On occassion we have been involved with only the design and manufacture of kiosks, other times the touch interface as wells as the database development, together with the manfacture. Special Products & Technologies is open to strategic partnerships with our customers.

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Municipality Kiosks


Kiosk 1

Municipality Kiosks


Kiosk 2

Oscar Unit


Touch Mart Kiosk

Cape Town Tourism


Cape Town Tourism Kiosk

UNISA Toaster Kiosk


Unisa Toaster

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